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    The model DFI 200 is a light weight hand-held indicator powered by a single 9 volt battery making it ideal for remote field operations. The DFI 200 features a 4 1/2 digit display max/ min recall and push-button calibration and set-up. This unit also features RS232 serial communication and selectable digital filter. The DFI 200 stores up to 3 transducer calibrations with the optional auto calibration chip which allows auto-calibration to any transducer.

  • DFI 250

    The DFI 250 is powered by Sigma-Delta A/D converter, ensuring fast and accurate weight readings. It may be configured via the keypad, through the RS232 port or through IR-Link with our PC software. A function key can be configured to select units of measure (kg, lb, g, & t) hold a weight reading, display an absolute peak weight, count parts or stabilize a moving mass i.e. livestock. To simplify operation, Key Disabling allows any or all keys to be disabled. The DFI 250 can be operated using an AC adaptor or four AA batteries that provide up to 38 hours of continuous operation.

  • DFI 1550/1650 - Multi-Channel Digital Force Indicator - (DFI1650)

    The DFI 1650 is a self-calibrating microprocessor based six-digit transducer indicators. This versatile instrument will instantly self-calibrate with any Cooper transducer equipped with the "Sure Cal Signature" option. One to four independent transducer channel cards are available. Transducers previously purchased may be used by purchasing the In-Line module. Manual calibration of the DFI 1650 is done via the front panel menu. An auto-zero circuit will zero the indicator when no load or pressure is applied to the transducer. Standard outputs include RS-232 and 0-5 volt analog output.

  • DFI 4215 Smart Indicator

    The DFI 4215 is an intelligent microprocessor based instrument designed for the measurement and control of strain gage transducer based systems. The DFI 4215 fully expresses bipolar six digit transducers. The “Auto ID” feature automatically identifies the load cell and applies calibration specifications for cells that incorporate “Tag ID” technology. Kits are available to adapt any existing load cell with Tag ID. The DFI 4215 combines force channels, encoder position channels, print capabilities, and RS 232/485 serial communications into a versatile platform that can be customized to deliver the most powerful and affordable instrumentation in its class. The DFI 4215 is compatible with most tensile testers, load cells, extensometers, torque transducers, pressure sensors and position encoders. Whether you are upgrading an existing system or implementing a new one, the DFI 4215 brings you the accuracy, reliability, and repeatability needed to meet the most demanding applications.

  • DFI7000

    The DFI 7000 is a low cost panel or bench mount instrument which provides signal conditioning and amplification (0-5 volt output). The 4 1/2 digit display features bright easy to read .56" characters. The compact case is ideal for panel mounting. Also available in a bench top unit. Peak hold is a standard feature and the DFI 7000 is stocked for quick delivery.

  • DFI 7000 DM - Digital Force Indicator

    The DPI 7000 DM is a low cost panel or bench mount instrument which provides signal conditioning and amplification (0-5 volt output). The 41/2 digit display features bright easy to read .56" characters. The compact case is ideal for panel mounting. Also available in a bench top unit.

  • dfi9000

    The Model DFI 9000 portable instrument features full 4 1/2 digit accuracy and is designed for use in remote field operations as a portable calibrator or digital readout device. The Model DFI 9000 is enclosed in a rugged weatherproof aluminum carrying case with peak hold feature. A shunt calibration button is standard.

  • DFR 2000 - Digital Force Recorder

    The DFR 2000 is a multichannel recorder/digital indicator with graphics. This is truly a complete and versatile data acquisition system. The DFR 2000 has 16 bit resolution which displays, records, computes and stores 2,4 or 6 input channels. A variety of inputs are available: voltage, current thermocouple and RTD. The DFR 2000 also provides a number of math functions, such as; +, -, x,/, logarithms, totalization, powers averages etc. All data can be stored on a 3 inch disc or PCMCIA memory cards. Optional features include: Relays, RS232/ RS485, PCMCIA card reader, windows based software, carrying case.

    **Not available for online purchase due to the large number of potential part number combinations. Call or email for a quote.**

  • DFR 1250 Pic

    The DFR 1250 is a feature-rich digital recording system offering two universally configurable isolated inputs for measuring DC voltage, DC current, thermocouples, and RTDs. It also offers frequency and pulse inputs, and can be used to measure RPMs with the correct speed measurement sensor. Combining small package size with extreme flexibility make the DFR 1250 a powerful, yet economical, digital data recording system. A maximum sample storage rate of 100 samples per channel can be set for both channels, allowing capture of short-duration signal anomalies. The optional DFR 1250 Navigator software offers many convenient and intuitive features to make reviewing, printing and exporting data easy. Optional USB or Ethernet ports available for easy data download, or network connectivity. It has a highly readable LED display, with backlighting displays real time date or trends. The flexible power supply can use the included AC adaptor, or input power (12-14 VDC) from another instrument or battery supply. (Optional rechargeable NIMH battery pack available.) Time clock and internal RAM have battery back-up to secure data.

    **Not available for online purchase due to the large number of potential part number combinations. Call or email for a quote.**

  • DFI Infinity&#153 - Digital Indicator/Controller

    The DFI INFINITY bench top or panel indicator, is a versatile six digit process controller with 1 microvolt resolution. The INFINITY can be calibrated to any 350 ohm strain gage transducer via the front panel pushbutton or the optional serial communications board. Standard features include peak and valley hold, zero tare and 4 alarm set points. Options available are duplex RS232, or RS485, analog output and BDC output.

  • DFI Infinity B - Ultra High Performance Digital Force Indicator

    The DFI INFINITY B goes beyond our popular DFI INFINITY with accuracy and performance.The The DFI INFINITY B achieves an accuracy up to ±0.005% of reading, and up to 166 readings per second. This versatile meter handles a broad spectrum of DC voltage and current ranges, nine thermocouple types, multiple RTD’s, and signals from strain gauge transducers such as load cells and pressure transducers, as well as potentiometric inputs. It also features ten point linearization of input signals, progammable by the user for custom applications. Built-in excitation to power virtually any sensor or transmitter, and four isolated open collector outputs for control or alarms are standard. The big, bright, 6-digit patented LED display can be programmed to change color between Red, Amber, and Green at any set point. Output options include isolated programmable analog voltage or current and four relays. The Serial communications option allows users to select from a push-button menu between RS-232, RS-485, and either a straightforward ASCII protocol or MODBUS. With an Ethernet/Internet option, the DFI INFINITY B connects directly to an Ethernet network and transmits data in standard TCP/IP protocol







  • DFI Infinity C&#153 - Economy Digital Indicator

    The DPI Infinity CS indicator is a low-cost indicator/controller. Four full digits and wide scaling capability allows for display in any engineering units. A variety of DC voltage and current input ranges cover many typical process applications. A fully scalable analog output is optional. Dual setpoints, each featuring 6 amp form "C" relays, optional on each unit, allow complete alarm or control of critical processes. Digital front panel tare is included on every unit. A lockout feature prevents unauthorized changes in setup. These features are standard on the Infinity C meter.

  • Enclosures



    Designed to function as superbly as it looks, the BP case combines appearance and structural integrity to assure that your instruments are properly protected. Composed of modular aluminum extrusions, the BP case is available in a single meter, two meter, or three meter configuration. The standardized extrusions and aluminum panels are securely assembled and textured with a fashionable black wrinkle coating. Furthermore, the back of the BP is especially designed for easy interface with a variety of outputs. Designated casings are equipped with mounting ports for easy and secure connections for Transducers, Analog Output, BCD Output, Relay Output, and RS-232.

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