• Wire Terminal Grips

    For testing wire terminals, cables, connectors, and other samples for pull testing.

  • Dual Roller Grips

    For securing the ends of wire, cable, and tubing samples for pull testing. Engaging and disengaging samples is quick and easy with an efficient cam design and convenient side slot for sample insertion. Steel rollers are serrated for good grip.

  • Film and Paper Grips

    For gripping film, paper, labels, packaging, and other thin materials for tensile and peel testing. Adjustable serrated interlocking jaws grip the sample securely.

  • Pneumatic Films and Paper Grips

    Fully enclosed, air-powered grip for seal strength testing of packing, elongation testing of various materials, and other tensile testing requirements. Serrated interlocking jaws effectively grip samples for up to 100 lbF of force. The grip features a unique integrated open/close valve for quick sample engagement and disengagement. An air connection kit, consisting of tubing and fittings needed to connect two grips, is available separately.

  • Turret Style Wire Terminal Grips

    For securing wire terminals, cables, connectors, and other samples for pull testing. Indexing wheel contains grooves of varying widths to accommodate a wide range of sample shapes and sizes.

  • Standard Vise Grips

    General purpose vise, for a wide range of tension and compression testing applications.

  • Self-Centering Vises

    General purpose vise, for a wide range of tension and compression testing applications. Self-centering, replaceable jaws can be field-modified to improve sample gripping characteristics.

  • Wedge Grips

    These heavy-duty grips are designed for a range of tensile testing requirements up to 2000 lb [10 kN]. Self-tightening serrated jaws engage the sample through a spring loaded knob and rack and pinion type mechanism. The jaws ride on rollers, eliminating jamming common in conventional wedge grips.

  • Parallel Jaw Grips

    For general pull testing applications. Manually tightened serrated jaws may be individually adjusted.

  • Multi-Jaw Grips

    This unique and universal radial grip is designed for gripping round and irregularly shaped items. Typical applications include pull-off tests of fasteners and components in the toy, clothing, and other industries. A swivel adapter is available as an option.

  • Padded Attachments

    For applications in physical therapy and ergonomics, including muscle strength testing, job task requirements, and more. Supplied with a 5/16-18M to #10-32F adapter.

  • Miniature Component Grips

    For testing small and hard-to-reach electronic and mechanical components. Slender profile allows this grip to be used in a wide range of applications.

  • Universal Cap Grips

    For gripping bottle and container caps in closure torque testing. Serrated, reversible aluminum jaws effectively grip a wide range of sample shapes and sizes. Mounts directly to Series STH and STJ torque sensors, and Mark-10 force test stands.

  • Chuck Grips

    For securing round samples, fixtures, or bits. Although both models may be used in force and torque applications, the G1010 is typically used in force measurement applications, while the G1022 is typically mounted to Series TST torque test stands for torque measurement applications.

  • Universal Bottle Grips

    For gripping bottles and containers for closure torque testing. Eight rubber edged gripping arms secure a wide range of sample shapes and sizes and can be individually positioned at angles of up to 180º. Mounts directly to Series TST torque test stands or force test stands (for such applications as top loading testing).

  • Miniature Wedge Grips

    This compact self-tightening grip is ideal for a range of low-force tensile strength tests on small samples. With serrated steel jaws (303 SS) and a handy spring-loaded lever, it has a force capacity of pounds (500 N). This grip has a thru-slot for samples of unlimited width and a swivel mounting attachment. Used with a force gauge and test stand, this grip is useful in many industrial applications.

  • Universal V-Jaw Grips

    This grip is designed for holding round objects during torque testing. Its hex shaft tail fits into a torque sensor chuck while the reversible serrated jaws secure the sample. A knob quickly engages and disengages the same. This grip can accommodate samples with diameters of 0.65 - 1.80 in (16.5 - 45.7 mm). An optional adapter allows the Universal V-Jaw Grip to be mounted to the base of a test stand for force testing.

  • Swivel Adapters

    For use between any grip and force gauge to provide a swiveling action for proper sample alignment.

  • Extension Rods

    For use between a force gauge and another attachment, such as a hook or compression plate.

  • Rubber Tips

    Simulates a finger for testing pushbuttons, membrane switches, touchscreen panels, keyboards, etc.

  • Compression Plates

    For compressing springs, foams, cartons, aerosol cans, and many other products.

  • V-Grooves



    For compression testing of round or odd-shaped samples.

  • Flat Heads

    For compression testing of buttons, membrane switches, etc.

  • Hooks



    For tensile testing of various samples.

  • Chisel Points

    For compressing or puncturing a variety of samples.

  • Cone Points

    For various compression tests.

  • Thread Adapters and Couplings

    For use between force gauge shafts, grips, and/or attachments.

  • 90 Degree Peel Testing Platforms

    The 90º Degree Peel Platform is designed for making force tests on strips of adhesive materials, such as tape, packaging tape or food wrappers. As your force gauge and test stand pull against the material being tested, the 90º Peel Platform moves laterally, maintaining a 90º angle between the adhesive material and the substrate to which it is adhered. Therefore the force vector is always maintained at a perfect perpendicular. This fixture is particularly useful for testing applications in the packaging and food and beverage industries. Typical applications include testing of adhesive films and foil seals on yogurt and juice containers. The fixture’s large, flat working table is equipped with numerous mounting holes, and will accommodate a range of sample sizes. As the test stand crosshead moves vertically, the table moves horizontally, maintaining a 90º angle between the table and the pulling force applied. An optional limit switch prevents cable breakage due to excessive movement. The maximum travel distance of the platform is 8.2 inches (210 mm). It is compatible with many motorized test stands.

  • Score Bending Fixtures

    Used to produce a 90º bend in fiber board materials and plastics. Conforms to TAPPI standard T829. Set of upper and lower dies.

  • Open Force Fixtures

    Used to determine the opening force of flat folded cartons along their score lines. Set of upper and lower dies.

  • Adjustable Dual Roller Grips

    This cam grip secures the ends of tubing, cables, and odd shaped samples for pull testing applications. Engaging and disengaging samples is quick and easy, with a side slot for sample insertion and serrated steel rollers. Rollers can be repositioned as required for the application.

  • High Capacity Wire/Rope Grips

    For high capacity wire and rope pull testing applications. Secures the free end of the sample via a bollard and vise. Integrated eye end.

  • High Capacity Wire Terminal Grips

    For securing wire terminals, cables, connectors, and other samples for pull testing. Indexing wheel contains grooves of varying widths to accommodate a wide range of sample shapes and sizes. Integrated eye end.

  • High Capacity Eccentric Roller Grips

    Features a serrated cam for effectively securing wires, plastics, textiles, and other materials in pull testing applications. Integrated eye end.

  • Coefficient of Friction Fixtures

    The G1086 can be used for a wide range of materials, ideal for conformance to ASTM D1894 and other relevant standards. Static and kinetic coefficients can be measured using the M5-2-COF gauge.

  • Miniature Filament Grips

    For securing small diameter wires and filaments. The sample wraps around the bollard and the loose end is secured by the adjustable jaw. Integrated swivel ensures sample alignment under load.

  • Clevis Grips

    This grip is designed for ergonomic assessment, spring testing, and other pull testing applications.

  • High Capacity Clevis Grips

    This high capacity grip is designed for spring testing and pulling testing applications. Integrated eye end.

  • Syringe Compression Fixtures

    Designed to test compression force of a syringe plunger, as per ISO 7886-1 and other relevant standards.

    Consists of:

    1. Frame
    2. Replaceable blank inserts (4)
    3. Cup tray
    4. G1009 compression plate

  • High Capacity Compression Plates

    For compression spring testing, top load testing, and other applications. Integrated eye end.