General purpose vise, for a wide range of tension and compression testing applications. Self-centering, replaceable jaws can be field-modified to improve sample gripping characteristics.
Unit of Measure



N/A 500 lbf2500 kN


N/A 5.85 lb2.65 kg

Dimension A

N/A 3.78 in96 mm

Dimension B

N/A 0.30 in7.60 mm

Dimension C

N/A 2.76 in70.10 mm

Dimension D

N/A 2.33 in59.20 mm

Dimension E

N/A 2 in50.80 mm

Dimension F

N/A 0 to 2 in0 to 50.80 mm

Dimension G

N/A 1.12 in28.50 mm

Dimension H

N/A 2 in50.80 mm

Dimension I

N/A 2 in50.80 mm