For gripping bottle and container caps in closure torque testing. Serrated, reversible aluminum jaws effectively grip a wide range of sample shapes and sizes. Mounts directly to Series STH and STJ torque sensors, and Mark-10 force test stands.
Unit of Measure



N/A 50 lb250 N100 lb/in11.3 Nm


N/A 0.75 lb0.334 kg

Dimension A

N/A 0.90 in22.90 mm

Dimension B

N/A 3.80 in96.50 mm

Dimension C

N/A 3.20 in81.30 mm

Dimension D

N/A 2.80 in71.10 mm

Dimension E

N/A 1 in25.40 mm

Minimum Diameter

N/A 0.20 in5.10 mm

Maximum Diameter

N/A 3.50 in89 mm