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TX-1 - Digital Tension Meter

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The TX-1 digital tension meter is designed to measure tension in many different types of materials, including: wire (EDM machines), yarns and fibers, tapes and belts. Model TX-1-1000, has resolutions adjustable to 1 gram, and the model TX-1-5000 has resolutions adjustable to 5 grams. The speed of material can be displayed in feet per minute or meters per minute, or show length of part run in feet or meters. There is a minimum and maximum reading for both tension and speed. Menu-selectable calibrations provide maximum accuracy for material whether filaments, AWG, or custom calibrations. Since variation in materials and diameters affect tension reading, simply select the correct material and size from the calibration menu. Calibration certificates traceable to NIST are included.

**This unit is not yet available to be ordered on line with any options.**

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Item #

Load Range - G

Resolution - g

Temp. Range

Safe Overload

Tension Value Display As

List Price

TX-1-125 0 to 125 1 adjustable to .1 35 - 120 °F 200 % F.S. N, g, lbs $1,135.00
TX-1-1000 10 to 1000 5 adjustable to .1 35 - 120 °F 200 % F.S. N, g, lbs $1,135.00
TX-1-5000 50 to 5000 10 adjustable to 5 35 - 120 °F 200 % F.S. N, g, lbs $1,225.00
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1 
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