The DPG 250 is a versatile and economical choice when you need a general purpose digital pressure gauge. Designed for both gas and liquid pressure measurements, it is capable of measuring vacuum as well as positive pressure. With available ranges of -14.7 to 25,000 psi, it adapts easily to most applications. The DPG 250’s five-digit LCD display features .48" high characters, as well as a 20-segment bar graph. The gauge can display measurements in nine different engineering units, plus one user-programmable unit of measure. The unit’s memory also stores tare and minimum-maximum measurements. This highly accurate (0.5%) gauge is ruggedly crafted from laser welded stainless steel and polycarbonate/ABS plastic, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is designed to replace OEM pressure gauges. It comes standard with a 1/4" NPT male connector at the bottom of the gauge, but the unit can be ordered with different sized connectors. Powered by two AA alkaline cells, battery life exceeds 2000 hours.

**Not available for online purchase due to the large number of potential part number combinations. Call or email for a quote.**

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N/A General Purpose Digital Pressure Gauge N/A 0.5% F.S. standard, 0.25% optional N/A 5 digit LCD w/bar graph N/A 45 standard psi & bar ranges Add To Cart
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