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90 Degree Peel Testing Platforms

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The 90º Degree Peel Platform is designed for making force tests on strips of adhesive materials, such as tape, packaging tape or food wrappers. As your force gauge and test stand pull against the material being tested, the 90º Peel Platform moves laterally, maintaining a 90º angle between the adhesive material and the substrate to which it is adhered. Therefore the force vector is always maintained at a perfect perpendicular. This fixture is particularly useful for testing applications in the packaging and food and beverage industries. Typical applications include testing of adhesive films and foil seals on yogurt and juice containers. The fixture’s large, flat working table is equipped with numerous mounting holes, and will accommodate a range of sample sizes. As the test stand crosshead moves vertically, the table moves horizontally, maintaining a 90º angle between the table and the pulling force applied. An optional limit switch prevents cable breakage due to excessive movement. The maximum travel distance of the platform is 8.2 inches (210 mm). It is compatible with many motorized test stands.

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G1045 90° peel fixture 90 º 8.20 in
G1045-1 Limit Switch for G1045 N/A N/A $200.00
  Results 1 - 2 of 2 1 
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